2019 Exciting Update!

Welcome to what was formerly Improv Consultants! We are happy you’re here, but we are not here anymore! We are however excited to announce that Lisa Safran is now a leadership trainer at Lifelabs Learning and would love for you to keep in touch with here there!
Lifelabs Learning specializes in leadership development for managers, executives, teams, and individuals at innovative companies (like Squarespace, Warby Parker, Reddit, and Sony Music). LifeLabs has offices in New York and San Francisco and provides training to companies worldwide, in person and virtually. We research the skills that make the biggest difference at work and home and convert them into workshops that are short, fun, practical, and science-based. Please contact us for more information! You can reach us and learn more about our programs at hello@lifelabslearning.com.

You may be wondering how you will get awesome communication, leadership, and team development training that was previously provided by Improv Consultants? Do not despair!

  • I invite you to explore LifeLabs Learning and our dynamic science-based and fun leadership trainings!
  • Lifelabs also holds a Culture Club each month in NY, LA, SF and Boston…and an invite could be arranged for you to attend and learn more!
  • We are also also happy to refer you to amazing applied improvisation practitioners who do similar work to what we have offered through Improv Consultants over the years! Email us here!

Look forward to hearing from you! Thank you to all of you for wonderful support over the years. Please reach out to us at LifeLabs. You’ll be happy you did!

With gratitude,

Lisa Safran